High Frequency wall sawing machine

The Electric High Frequency Wall Saw Machine a extremely strong high Frequency wall saw machine for cutting concrete, brick and other building material. High frequency wall saws are good for all kinds of concrete cutting. Compared to a normal electric wall saw the high-frequency wall saw is very cost-effective.

The high-frequency wall saw machine is easy to handle, and operate, and offers very good power. This concrete wall-cutting machine is powered by a hydraulic power pack and easily cut through heavily reinforced concrete.

High frequency wall sawing Machine VE-5(22KW)

ModelParameter detailsRemarks Note
Device power supplyThree-phase 380V/two-phase 220V/Extendable DC power supplyAll three modes of power supply are feasible
Three-phase 380V rated power3.7-22KWClutch adjustable load limit
single-phase 220V rated power2.1-14KWClutch adjustable load limit
Three-phase 380V motor speed0-7500 RPM
Single – Phase 22V motor speed0-4300 RPM
Main motor frequency500Hz
Feed motorDC24V
Saw blade output torque288Nm
Wall saw head Weight29.5KG
22KW high frequency motor weight22KG
22KW driver weight17.5KG
Wireless remote control weight1.5KG
220V external waterproof mobile socket2KG
1.4m track weight12.6KGTrack to track connectable extensions
2m track weight17.5KGTrack and orbit Connectable extensions
800 wall saw blade weight14KGfull feed cutting depth 32cm
1000 wall saw blade weight22KGfull feed cutting depth 42cm
1200 wall saw blade weight31KGfull feed cutting depth 52cm
1600 wall saw blade weight55KGfull feed cutting depth 72cm
Type 800-1000 Ptective water cover Weight7KG