Arparn Industries,we prioritize cultivating relationships grounded in trust within the Stone Processing & Construction Industry. Specializing in the production of cutting-edge equipment including Multi-Wire Saws, Quarry Wire Saws, Stationary Wires, Gangsaw Segments, Trimming Blades, Large Circular Saws, and Multi Blades tailored for Granite, Marble, Limestone, and Sandstone, we have garnered the confidence of our clients through our unwavering dedication to delivering value-based products worldwide.

Our team comprises efficient and technically trained professionals who consistently deliver superior cutting materials. Recognizing the importance of mutual interests between ourselves and our clients, we strive to understand their needs better than anyone else, thereby solidifying our position as one of the industry’s leading companies in the diamond tools sector.

We take pride in the effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of our business practices, which not only benefit us but also provide ample opportunities for mutual gain. Our Diamond Wire Saw Beads and other diamond tools are crafted using a special bond matrix infused with premium quality diamonds, ensuring suitability across a spectrum of applications. Leveraging the latest technology, these Diamond Wire Saw Beads boast remarkable efficiency, enabling us to cut through the toughest Granite to the softest Marble with unparalleled effectiveness, ultimately delivering cost-saving solutions to our customers.

Multi Wire Saw

Multi Wire Saw for granite cutting is a technology developed for the enhancement of productivity in the granite gangsaw industry, with saving on the cost of raw material sawn. It is 10-15 time more efficient then traditional gang saw cutting. This can also cut granite with different hardness. The Multi Wire Saw also enables better surface finish on the slab sawn & the biggest advantage is the low sawing cost..

Trimming Blades

Trimming Blades Ø 350 – 600 MM
Diamond Circular Saw Blades are used for cutting and grinding all natural stones such as Granite, Marble, Sand Stone, Lime Stone, Slate, Concrete, Basalt and Mica etc. We are Manufacturing Economical and Premium quality blade which ensures high quality and outstanding performance. We can supply.

Multi Blade Segments

We supply Multi Blade Segments for Multi Blades on diameter 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1300mm and 1600mm and other sizes as per customer requirement. Our segments are manufactured with utmost precision, so as to avoid any taper or deviation in the final cut of the block. We provide free cutting and long life segments for the Multi Blades


We have developed the 75-60-40-20 HP Wire Saw Machines to suit the entire Natural Stone Industry with competitive price. Our machines have been designed with the latest State -of- art technology and heavy structure and stability which enables longer Diamond Wire life with high cutting Speed and lower power consumption….