Multi Wire Saw

Multi Wire Saw for granite cutting is a technology developed for the enhancement of productivity in the granite gangsaw industry, with saving on the cost of raw material sawn. It is 10-15 time more efficient then traditional gang saw cutting. This can also cut granite with different hardness. The Multi Wire Saw also enables better surface finish on the slab sawn & the biggest advantage is the low sawing cost.

Quarry Diamond Wire Saw Rope

Application – Cutting for Granite, Marble and Limestone, Sandstone… Diamond Wire Saw is one of the most advanced tool widely used for quarrying and processing natural stones such as Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone etc Diamond Wire for Granite Quarries:The Diamond Wire technology for quarry can widely improve the efficiency of Granite quarry and reduce the waste of quarry resources. These […]

Wire Saw Machine

We have developed the 75-60-40-20 HP Wire Saw Machines to suit the entire Natural Stone Industry with competitive prices. Our machines have been designed with the latest State-of-arttechnology and heavy structure and stability which enables longer Diamond Wire life with high cutting speed and lower power consumption.  The Wire Saw Machines-20 HP, 40 HP & 60 HP have been designed to give high productivity with maximum yield and long life span. It […]

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